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Hair Transplantation with FUE technique – up to 6000 bulbs

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Estemylife is an international network of clinics. The team of doctors operating in Tirana come from Istanbul, which is now considered the center of International Tricology. We offer the best of FUE hair transplant treatments.


Hair Transplant

Our new clinic in Tirana is specialized in aesthetic surgery, especially hair transplants with FUE technique. FUE specialists come from Estemylife clinic of Istanbul, which is a network of hospitals specialized in aesthetic treatments and surgery. Nowadays, Turkey is considered one of the leading countries in tricology. So our structure in Tirana is served by some of the best doctors in this field. FUE Technique. How does it work? Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a surgical technique in which hair is taken from donor areas, usually the sides and back of the head, leaving the scalp virtually scars free. The procedure requires no stitches, has a fast recovery time and the donor areas won’t be damaged, so FUE is the favored choice for patients needing hair-replacement surgery. This technique has almost replaced the Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT surgery. FUE is often the solution offering the most natural looking results. Particularly for patients who want to avoid the linear...

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Video Testimonials

Following Giovanni at Tirana Following Christofer Here is the video strory of Christofer,...

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Before & After

Pics gallery of our patients, before and after the transplant with FUE technique:...

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FUE All In Package

We offer a special package which includes all you need for a FUE...

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About Us

Doctors Hasan Hüseyin Akıl and Bilgehan Aydın have been recently invited on TRT1...

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Results Guaranteed

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Painless Anesthesia

We use a new method for local anesthesia. It is absolutely painless, because it doesn’t use needles.

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Diamond Blades

This is a new surgical tecnhnique which uses diamond blades for more accurate and less invasive intervention for FUE transplant

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No shaving needed

For women or for those wo aren’t used to, hair shaving for FUE transplant can be avoided

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